PROVIDENCE, N.Y. (NEWS10)— The Saratoga County Homestead took in its first tuberculosis patient in 1914. The facility was modernize in the 1930s and then taking over by the county of Saratoga in the 1960s.

The property passed into private hands in the 1980s, and sat empty for decades. In 2016 the EPA set about removing asbestos from sanitarium.

Last year Saratoga County seized the property due to unpaid property tax. The EPA set aside a $1.6 million lien on the property, from the asbestos removal, so the county can sell the property and spilt the proceeds with the EPA.

Saratoga County Attorney Stephen Dorsey says the property has been put up for nationwide, online auction. At the end of the auction, no matter what the bid is the highest bidder wins.