SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Businesses in Saratoga Springs are having trouble filling open staff positions as tourism season begins and track season is around the corner.

“People are interested in working, but they either, kind of, want to make their owns schedule or they don’t want to work a 40 hour week,” said Discovery Saratoga board member Maddy Zanetti.

Zanetti said business owners may find themselves pulling double duty if they’re unable to find workers filling in for the empty shifts.

“Summer is going to be a really exhausting one for a lot of people because I do think people are excited to get out of their houses. They’re excited to come to Saratoga,” Zanetti said.

For the first time General Manager of Holiday Inn Saratoga Kevin Touhy is considering posting a “help wanted” sign in front of the hotel.

“It’s counterintuitive. One would think with many businesses closed and ramping up that there would be many individuals seeking employment, but we’re finding that not to be the case,” Touhy said.

There are several theories as to why business owners are having trouble finding staff for what are normally in-demand jobs. Touhy said he’s unsure what the exact reason is.

“It’s a very competitive hiring environment. And all of us businesses in the area are paying wages that are really unprecedented that typically, in the past, we would never pay for some of the line-level positions [in order to] attract great people,” Touhy said.

To help business owners, the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce has posted a job board on its website.