SALEM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A shelter in place order in Salem has been lifted after a suspect turned himself in late last night, following a police pursuit. While no one was hurt, the situation and emergency alerts caused concern for people living in the Washington County town.

Suspect wanted in Salem manhunt now in custody

Historic Salem settled in 1762. A a quiet rural area that saw all the action Tuesday night.

Washington County police were in pursuit of Jeffrey Dickinson. 

Authorities said Dickinson was wanted on a felony warrant and fled when confronted by cops. Wading through woods and a maze of country roads, the search began around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. It carried on through the heat — or chill — of the night, ending before the stroke of midnight when Dickinson turned himself in. 

During the commotion, an emergency alert phone call went out during the search Tuesday night, asking people to shelter in their homes until the suspect was located.

Area resident Chris Ellis got that Tuesday night phone alert.

“They said before you go to bed tonight make sure outside lights are on. We never leave our outside lights on we did last night” Ellis said.

7th grader Sam says this was a lot of action for quiet Salem.

“Everybody was talking about it this morning at school and I was honestly shocked” Sam told NEWS 10’s Zion Decoteau.

Ellis says he’s thankful that he was able to receive the emergency alert last night.

“… I’m not into phones or computers or anything like that”,” said the older gentleman. “But that is a positive thing to get that reversed call” he added.

While Salem town supervisor Sue Clary thanks law enforcement for their work, she says many residents did not get the emergency alert notification. 

“Hopefully this never happens again, but it’s important for people to know to stay inside and your doors right and keep your exterior lights on, but they didn’t get the phone call” the supervisor told us.

Officials say Dickinson was arraigned Tuesday.

Supervisor Clary says she and the town will be looking into how to improve the robo call notification system.