RUTLAND, Vt. (AP) — Officials in Rutland are hoping to be able to improve the area around the city’s Amtrak train station not far from the city’s downtown. Among them is Rutland Alderman Devon Neary, who works for the Rutland Regional Planning Committee and said the commission hopes the city will seek a $300,000 transportation grant for the project.

“The current state of the Amtrak station is in need of some major upgrades primarily around parking and pedestrian safety,” he told the Rutland Herald. “There’s not accessible sidewalk or accessible means by bikes or walking.”

A conceptual design calls for adding a sidewalk, increasing parking, adding trees and green space, and connecting the station’s pedestrian facilities to sidewalks that a nearby retailer intends to build as part of an expansion of its garden center, Neary said.

Brixmor Property Group, which owns the downtown shopping plaza near the train station, said no plans have been decided upon at this time.