RUTLAND, Vt. (NEWS10) — The Rutland City Police Department reports that a 14-year-old’s bike has been found after being stolen from in front of Walmart on October 11. The young teen had just bought the bike for rides to school and work.

Police report the 14-year-old told Officer Rice she has just gotten the bike and needed it to ride to school and the job she just secured. Police report Officer Rice was able to find a video of Tiffany Covey, 31 of Rutland stealing the bike from in front of Walmart and had been trying to locate her.

Officers report that stolen bikes are hard to find because they switch hands so often or get discarded. On October 25, Officer Rice was on a routine patrol and saw Randy Klinger, 37 riding the bike. Officer Rice stopped and arrested Klinger and recovered the bike. Police report Officer Rice returned the bike to the young teen so now she can ride to school and work. If anyone knows where Tiffany Covey can be located, give Rutland Police Department a call at 802-773-1816.