RUTLAND, Vt. (NEWS10) — A Rutland man who stole a handgun from a truck downtown didn’t get very far, police said, before the owner ripped it out of his hands and held him down. Nicholas E. Karov, 38, was charged on Monday by criminal complaint for unlawfully possessing a stolen firearm and possessing a firearm as a convicted felon.

The alleged theft took place on October 28, when Karov was seen standing on the driver’s side running board of the theft victim’s Ford F-250 truck. When the victim yelled at Karov, Karov ran, according to police.

The victim reportedly chased and tackled Karov, and noticed that Karov was holding his pistol, a .45 Banshee valued at $1,749. The victim told police they struggled over the gun until he won control of it, tossed it aside, and pinned Karov to the ground.

Karov has multiple prior felony convictions, meaning he cannot own a gun under federal law. Court records indicate that when he was arrested on October 28, Karov had 26 pending cases in Vermont Superior Court. Most of those crimes, police said, happened over the past two years.

Karov faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for unlawfully possessing a firearm as a convicted felon and up to 10 years behind bars for unlawfully possessing a stolen firearm. He is scheduled to appear before United States Magistrate Judge Kevin J. Doyle on Wednesday, November 2.