ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After hearing about Deniro earlier this year, local artist Mike Trash says the pup’s story struck a chord with him. As a musician, he was not sure exactly how he could help abused animals like Deniro, but he knew he had a talent for rock and roll and a show coming up.

“I reached out to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, to Marguerite, and asked if that was cool and we just want to help raise money, not even just for Deniro but for future situations that this might help other animals if they are abused and neglected,” Trash says.

The concert, which featured several local bands, took over the Fuze Box on Central Avenue in Albany Saturday evening. All proceeds from the event will go directly to Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands.

“This is just a small thing that we are doing but we’re hoping that it gets bigger and we’re also hoping that people will love their animals more and hopefully nothing like this will happen again,” says Gus Hais, whose band played at the concert.

Deniro the Rottweiler was found crying for help on a cold February morning by a good samaritan who traced the cries back to a box on the streets of Troy. The dog was then taken to MHHS where they found the pup had a broken jaw, discolored and hanging tongue, and blood all over his fur.

It was a long road to recovery from there. Deniro had a four-hour surgery on his jaw just days after he was found, where veterinarians had to place plates on both sides of his jaw with seven screws on the right side and eight on the left.

Most recently, on March 24, Marguerite Pearson at MHHS said Deniro is growing fast and awaiting his next surgery to have those plates in his mouth removed. Meanwhile, police have tracked down his alleged abuser. 

In late February, the Troy Police Department arrested Khadijah Davis, 34, of Troy, and charged her with section 353 of the NYS Agriculture & Markets Law for the abuse. Davis later missed her scheduled court appearance for the case and had her court date rescheduled. There has been no word on her sentencing.

According to Mohawk Hudson, “Deniro continues to grow and thrive in foster care. He loves his foster family and canine foster brother. Medically, his veterinarian has not determined if he will need to have the hardware in his mouth removed or not… We’re extremely grateful for all the love and support our community has shown for him.”