ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Another Republican candidate for Governor of New York has thrown his hat into the ring. Former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino joins Congressman Lee Zeldin and Lewis County Sheriff Michael Carpinelli to the list of those seeking the GOP nomination.

Rob Astorino was the Republican backed candidate for Governor in 2014 against Andrew Cuomo. Despite losing in the general election, he’s decided to make another run for it this time around. “I’m running so much against Andrew Cuomo and just as much against the system in Albany that is completely and utterly broken,” Astorino said.

Cuomo said he would run for a fourth term back in 2019. But, this March he said it wasn’t a day ‘for politics’ when asked if he would still do so, as he faces multiple scandals.

Astorino says his campaign will focus on education, the economy, and lowering taxes. He says his previous experience running against Cuomo, and his election wins in Westchester County, which typically swings blue, makes him stand apart in the field. 

While Lewis County Sheriff Michael Carpinelli was the first GOP candidate to make the decision to run, it’s Congressman Lee Zeldin who has raised more than $2.5 million. Zeldin has already gained significant support from county leaders.

Astorino says the election will be a long process and that Republican voters will be the ones ultimately making the choice. “The fact that a certain amount of county chairs has thrown their endorsement behind one particular person at this point is literally meaningless to me,” he said.

Astorino is taking his first trip as a candidate to visit different corners of the state this week. Zeldin has completed five statewide trips since his announcement to run.

We reached out to Zeldin’s campaign and Carpinelli for comment on Astorino stepping into the race, but have not yet heard back.