ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As the November general election nears, News10 is speaking with the candidates for Congress and the New York state legislature.

Republican Rich Amedure is trying once again to win a seat in the state senate 46th district. He tried and failed to win the seat two years ago against Democrat Michelle Hinchey. This time, he’s going up against longtime senator Neil Breslin.

The former New York state trooper says he’s running because of the recently passed initiatives including cashless bail, raise the age and changes to the discovery laws. But he’s also focused on the economy.

Amedure claims the state is failing in it’s handling of the economy. “You can’t spend you way out of an inflationary crisis,” he said. “The people who have passed some of the laws in the last couple of years have not realized if you change one thing here, it could move something down the road.”

He used the example of raising the minimum wage. Amedure said many thought raising the minimum wage was a great idea. But now, he claims, products have become more expensive.

Amedure sat down with News10 to discuss the issues facing his district.