ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–New York State acted quickly after learning that the Dobbs decision would overturn Roe Verses Wade. Governor Kathy Hochul vowing New York would be a safe haven for New Yorkers and those from other states seeking abortion services.

The governor last year allocated $35 million dollars for abortion service providers, and in two consecutive sessions, the state legislature passed legislation that would amend the state constitution to enshrine protections for pregnancy outcomes.

State lawmakers believe this would give the state a better legal argument in court if the federal government were to ever create a federal abortion ban. In order for this to become legal, New Yorkers will have to cast their votes in favor of amending the constitution when it’s on the ballot in 2024.

In this year’s state budget, $100 million dollars was also added for providers.

“I think in New York, we want to try to cover every single angle,” said Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal.

Most recently, a bill passed in the state legislature on Tuesday to further strengthen protections for doctors who provide abortion services via telehealth.

“We as a state have taken the intentional decision that we are going to protect health care rights. That means as we modernize and technology advances, we need to extend opportunities to everybody in every way we can,” said Assemblymember Jon Rivera.

Governor Hochul signed that bill into law on Friday. However, not all groups are in favor of it.

“We recognize this bill as anti-woman and it’s honestly extreme and it’s discouraging that the New York State legislature is really taking steps to protect abortionists and expand abortion in New York when we already have so much abortion in our state,” said Emily Cappello, Feminists for Choosing Life for NY.

The bill went into effect immediately after it was signed.