ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With the Israeli-Hamas War causing more casualties, over a hundred people from different backgrounds gathered for the same reason…to rally for a ceasefire and to call for an end to the violence in hopes of a compromise.

Clair Leveque attended with her children because she needed to speak against the violence.

“It’s more about coming together and finding peace between both parties than the separation and the violence,” she said.

Everyone may not agree on the same solution, but they can all agree attacks should not be targeted toward innocent civilians.

“Anybody who is reasonable and thoughtful is not susceptible to propaganda, and I truly believe that. Let’s be considerate before we act,” Anwaar Abu-baker said.

Dr. Alaina Qayyum, MD, said she is so upset that the hospitals in Gaza are struggling with very few supplies.

“But what are we arguing? Why do I have to stand here? Why do they have to stand here and say stop bombing children? I don’t know why,” she said. “I’m angry…I can’t sleep…”

The rally in solidarity included parents who joined the protest after hearing reports that thousands had been killed in Gaza, including women and children. Many, like Rabbi Dovi Feldman from the Jews Against Zionism group, are calling for a ceasefire so that humanitarian efforts can begin in the region.

“This is a continuation of an ongoing occupation, which had been going on for over 75 years,” he said. “Where we witnessed a cycle of bloodshed on all sides of the conflict.”

Before Israel and Palestine were recognized as separate states, there was a British Mandate for Palestine by the League of Nations in 1923.

After years of internal conflicts, in 1947, the United Nations voted to partition the area into separate Jewish and Arab states. A move that was rejected by many in the Arab world, and tensions have remained high.

“Israel’s killings in Gaza do not represent Jews worldwide, do not represent Jews in this country,” Naomi Jaffe from the Jewish Voices for Peace said.

The Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York calls Jewish Voices a “fringe” group and said in a statement that they “do not represent the mainstream Jewish community. Our Jewish community is decidedly pro-Israel and opposed to terrorism.”