OAKLAND, N.J. (WJW) — A New Jersey rescue dog is being hailed a hero after helping to save her owner’s life during a stroke.

Sadie, a 6-year-old German Shepherd, was surrendered to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge when her former owner relocated. She was “confused and seemingly lost” at the time.

The shelter says Sadie was nervous and protective around new people, which made her a difficult placement.

A few weeks ago, Brian and Sadie developed a special bond. He adopted her and welcomed her into his home.

“Brian felt a special bond with Sadie, as he valued her intelligence, hesitancy to trust and fierce loyalty once she did form that trust. Brian gave Sadie a second chance at life,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

Now, the shelter is applauding Sadie for saving Brian’s life.

Brian suffered a stroke and collapsed while home alone with Sadie, the shelter reports. While he was down, Sadie stayed by his side.

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge says Sadie licked Brian’s face to keep him awake and helped drag him across the room to his cellphone.

“Sadie was the only reason that Brian was able to call for help. This time, Sadie gave Brian a second chance at life,” the shelter continued.

Sadie is currently with family while Brian recovers in a rehabilitation center, however the two video chat every night and cannot wait to be reunited.