ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The right to an abortion is protected in New York, but reproductive care centers in the Capital Region are still grappling with the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade and the impact it will have here at home.

Pro-abortion rights healthcare centers like Planned Parenthood are seeing more calls from patients trying to navigate what kind of services are available. Here in Albany, as centers in the area begin to fill up, they’re hiring navigators. 

“Who will help people who are coming to the region who aren’t from here looking for care and they’ll be in close contact with all of the Planned Parenthoods in the state,” Shelly Hegan, CEO of Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, said.

With $35 million dollars allocated by Governor Kathy Hochul, they’ll be expanding services. That money will go towards new equipment, hiring providers and expanding scheduling flexibility for abortion care.

“That’s going to take a little bit of reworking our schedules and staffing patterns as well as some of the equipment we have on site,” Hegan said.  

Anti-abortion rights healthcare center CompassCare is working on opening a facility in the Capital Region, CEO Reverend Jim Harden said they provide free pregnancy care and want to see equal treatment from the state. 

“We don’t receive any state or federal money so it boggles my mind that Governor Hochul 6 days after we were firebombed, would sign a bill investigating pro-life pregnancy centers.”

CompassCare’s Buffalo location was vandalized earlier this month. Both centers said safety is a primary concern and threats have increased following the Supreme Court’s ruling. 

“We’ve upped security it’s not been part of our budget,” Harden said. “But, we’ve had to do it anyway because the threats have continued and there have been no arrests.” 

“We have to do everything we can to monitor our parking lots, monitor our doors and make sure that our staff has the very best safety and security training,” Hegan said. “But, the threats are growing.” 

Hegan said she also wants the state to consider the equality act during the special legislative session set to begin Thursday.