ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- New York has to work on getting more kids up to date with routine vaccinations, addressing the prevalence of childhood asthma, and addressing the housing shortage, according to the 2021 Health of Women and Children Report. The report takes into consideration many different aspects of life for women and children to rank states on issues that can affect physical and mental health.

To find out where the strengths and weaknesses of states in terms of women’s and children’s health, America’s Health Rankings looks at socio-economic factors, education, environment, behavior, health outcomes, and clinical care.

Within those categories is information on child poverty, income equality, air pollution, and preventative health care as well as eating and sleeping habits among scores of other categories that may seem obtuse like voter participation or soda consumption. All the information goes into being able to view the larger picture, said America’s Health Rankings.

The report shows only 70.8% of children in the state are up to date on vaccinations. The state was ranked 48 out of 50 for severe housing problems and dead last for housing with a lead risk. For childhood asthma, New York ranked 43.

“The purpose of America’s Health Rankings is to inform and drive action to build healthier communities by offering credible and comprehensive data for improving health and the elements that determine health at the state and national levels,” the report said.

Areas that New York performed strongly in are:

  • Low infant mortality rate (ranked 5 for child mortality, ranked 7 for infant mortality)
  • High enrollment in early childhood education (ranked 6)
  • Low instances of household smoking(