(WWTI) — With the first week of November down, many Americans are already preparing for the month’s biggest holiday, Thanksgiving. These preparations include finding dinner staples, which for many involve buying a turkey.

Based on data released from the personal-finance website WalletHub, on average 46 million turkeys are killed for the Thanksgiving holiday each year. This number results in Americans spending over $604 million on this traditional dinnertime main dish. The average cost of a 16-pound whole frozen turkey is now $18.35.

However, not all celebrate Thanksgiving with classic dishes like turkey. According to WalletHub, 65% of Americans would like an alternative to turkey on the table. Most wanted alternatives to Turkey include ham, chicken or roast beef.

Additionally, 29% have considered going meat-free for the holiday. Some Americans avoid cooking altogether as 10% now get takeout from a restaurant of have their meal catered for the holiday. Listed below are Americans’ favorite thanksgiving dishes:

  1. Turkey
  2. Mashed potatoes
  3. Stuffing or dressing
  4. Bread or rolls
  5. Sweet potatoes or yams
  6. Cranberry sauce

But regardless of what the centerpiece on the table is, it is not the only expense on the holiday. WalletHub found on average, individuals spend $312 over the five-day Thanksgiving period. In 2021, a ten-person Thanksgiving dinner will cost $46.20 per person.

And with Thanksgiving known for its feast, budgeting for calories is also on many’s minds. Annually, Americans consume 8.1 billion calories every Thanksgiving, with each person consuming between 3,000 to 4,500. This would take the average male ten hours and two minutes to burn on the treadmill. Americans also consume roughly 2.7 drinks on the holiday.

Bringing back to the true meaning behind the annual celebration of gratitude, WalletHub also surveyed Americans on what they are thankful for. The report determined that 84% are thankful for family, 69% for health, 63% for memories and 63% for friends.

Thanksgiving will be celebrated by 96% of Americans this year on November 25. More Thanksgiving facts can be found on the WalletHub website.