(The Hill) – It’s no lie — Rep. George Santos is poised to be immortalized as a talking bobblehead, complete with a feature that plays some of the New York Republican’s “biggest lies.” Two miniature versions of Santos will be offered by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, it announced Wednesday.

For $30, customers can choose to purchase via a pre-sale either a “standard” Santos, sporting glasses and his signature crew-neck sweater over a dress shirt, or similar one with a Pinocchio-style “elongated nose.” The lengthy schnoz, the Wisconsin-based museum said, represents the “mounting number of lies and fabrications surrounding Santos’s background that have been documented.” In addition to the lying look, the bobblehead will feature some of Santos’s reported fabrications “in his own words at the touch of a button.”

The House freshman has come under fire from colleagues on both sides of the aisle in Congress and is facing investigations from federal authorities over potential campaign finance violations, following multiple instances of apparent fabrications involving his work history, education and family heritage. The retailer said it would donate a portion of sales from each of the Santos bobbleheads to “dog-related GoFundMe campaigns.”

Earlier this month, two veterans accused Santos of running off with thousands of dollars that the now-congressman had helped to raise in a 2016 GoFundMe effort for a lifesaving surgery for a dog that belonged to one of the homeless servicemembers. Santos called the veterans’ claims “shocking” and “insane.”

National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum co-founder Phil Sklar said that the Santos souvenir was created in response to “a growing number of requests” for a diminutive likeness of the 34-year-old lawmaker. “No one knows how and when the drama surrounding George Santos will end,” Sklar said in a statement, “but we know the bobblehead will be the perfect collectible to commemorate this unbelievable story for years to come.”