TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — When a snowstorm in Erie County knocked out power for thousands and buried streets in snow, Rensselaer County Executive Steven McLaughlin says that the county was ready to help with the recovery efforts.

“They’re used to 5-foot snow storms, but they are not used to 5-foot snow storms with 80-mile-an-hour winds on top of it with massive power outages. So it was a pretty devastating situation,” he said.

Doug Pinzer wanted to volunteer with any medical needs and clear the roads. But with so much snow, the team was grateful that they were able to use navigation maps.

“The navigation was excellent because a lot of the open roads…were shown, so we know where to go,” Pinzer said. “We might have went an hour out of [the] way of where we needed to be.”

McLaughlin was happy to see many counties across the state helping with the recovery efforts.

“They were coming in from everywhere, Nassau county sent stuff, Marc Molinaro sent stuff up from Duchess County…Onondaga County had some counterparts with our guys out there. So it was really many, many, many counties helped out to get them back on their feet.” 

Eric Cullum is also one of the volunteers and was pleased to help.

“I think our biggest accomplishment was supporting the teams out there working,” Cullum said. “They knew we had their back, and if it just got too much for them, we were there to assist them.”

The latest update from Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz shows 42 reported deaths from the storm, 41 in Erie County and 1 in Niagra County. The Medical Examiner’s office also announced today that additional deaths may be confirmed as more cases are reviewed.