TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — To maintain and rehabilitate sidewalks and infrastructure, the City of Troy and the Capital District Transportation Committee will work with LaBella Associates to evaluate the accessibility of pedestrian infrastructure. LaBella staff will walk over 140 miles to evaluate sidewalks, curb ramps, crosswalks, city-owned paved multi-use trails, pedestrian signals, and pedestrian-accessible transit stops.

“CDTC is proud to partner with the City of Troy to improve accessibility in the Capital Region,” said CDTC Executive Director Sandy Misiewicz. “Troy has a robust pedestrian network that not only serves the over 9,000 City residents who have a disability but also its many employees and visitors.”

The project will wrap up in the winter. The CDTC and the City will also seek public input on the Transition Plan and factors that should be considered in setting priorities for improvements. When completed, a draft copy of the Transition Plan will be made available on the City’s website for public review and comment.