TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Troy announced a city-wide effort to tackle trash problems within the city. Mayor Madden unveiled news of a new trash barrel program that will feature the distribution of sturdy, lidded trash barrels to residents with municipal recycling and trash service.

Officials are visiting Neighborhood Association meetings as their next step to discuss the trash barrel program with residents. The city explains the plan is that a standardized, lidded barrel, 1 per unit, is to be delivered beginning early in April to municipal trash service customers. This will provide all residents equal access to sturdy, lidded trash barrels, decreasing the likelihood of overfull containers, wind-blown litter in our streets, and animal access to trash.

Mayor Patrick Madden states, “With deliveries starting in April, these proper trash receptacles will go a long way in alleviating these problems in our streets and alleys. Providing trash barrels to residents throughout the city will offer immediate benefits to our neighborhoods, our workforce and those living and working in the city.  Together, we can keep our neighborhoods free of trash and litter, and the deployment of these barrels across the city will make that task easier.”

Details about the barrel distribution will be mailed to all residents, even those who don’t use a municipal service. A list of frequently asked questions is now available on the City of Troy website.