TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Troy City Council took its latest step at filling the vacancy in the second district, a seat that’s been open for weeks following the resignation of Kim Ashe-McPherson. The council hosted a workshop Tuesday night, allowing the public to hear from the seven interested candidates.

Dozens of residents filled into the auditorium of Knickerbacker Middle School to meet the candidates vying for the opening.

“We put a call out for resumes, low and behold, we didn’t get one, we didn’t get two, we got seven really passionate and really dedicated District 2 residents who are interested in the vacancy,” said Council President Carmella Montello.

The seven candidates include: Devya Arthur, Gabrielle Basille, Ryan Bronson, Steven Figueroa, Frank Mayben, Lyon McCandless and Tasheca Medina.

The second district’s seat has been open for the last three weeks following the resignation of Ahse-McPherson. The former councilwoman stepped down earlier this month after being convicted of election fraud as part of a federal investigation.

In the weeks since, it’s been a tedious process to fill the vacancy, which has included some back-and-forth between members of the council, as well as the mayor.

“Myself and two colleagues have been adamant that we want to see a fair, open and transparent process,” Montello explained.

“There were some false starts in getting the process going, I just wanted to get it going. I don’t have a roll in this, other than if there’s a tie vote, but it’s a council decision. I just think it’s important to fill that seat,” Mayor Patrick Madden said of the process.

At Tuesday’s meeting, each of the seven candidates fielded questions submitted by residents of the district, everything from how to improve quality of life, to how to address crime and gun violence.

“I think it gave the residents, or the attendees anyway, of who’s interested in the position,” the mayor explained.

While constituents got an opportunity to hear from their future representative, the Q & A also gave the council a chance to learn more about the candidates before they decide who fills the position, “Let’s at least meet the folks, let’s do an open process,” said Montello.

Montello says the council hopes to vote on who will fill the position next Thursday.

Whoever is chosen will represent the second district through at least the end of the year. A special election to decide who will complete the full term, which expires in December of 2023, will be held in November.