TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A free water giveaway event took place in Troy on Wednesday to help raise awareness of the issues with lead pipes. In January, elevated levels of lead were found in homes built before 1980.

Officials want to stress that the water supply itself is perfectly safe. Only some of the pipes raised concern.

On Wednesday, Collar City residents picked up free water jugs at the Troy Central Little League. Officials running the event also want to educate people living in older houses about how they can get the lead out of their systems.

Currently, only 20 percent of people living in Troy have had their homes tested. They’re encouraging people to call and report your pipes if you need help.

To avoid exposure to lead in drinking water, flush your water line by letting the water run until its cold. Do not use hot water out of faucets to cook or make hot beverages like coffee and tea. Use an NSF water filter to remove potential lead in your drinking water.

You’re also encouraged to visit to report your water service line if you require it.