TROY. N.Y. (NEWS10) — On the corner of Hutton Street and 15th Street, National Grid crews remaining on scene to finish repairing a gas break from Wednesday morning which had area neighbors displaced and several businesses shut down for hours.

Earlier, folks out walking their best friends while they waited out the gas that was flooding their homes and neighborhood.

“He’s relatively content but I couldn’t get out with the leash and his harness so we’re just kind of playing like he’s my baby today and just got him in my arms,” said resident Luke Bell.

Robert Lewis who works at WIZKID COMPUTERS tells me he was just getting to work when he was told to leave.

“As soon as he opened the door, I could smell the gas. So, I’m like okay, alright. So, I just need to get back in here, grab my dog. You know to make sure the dog was okay. I know that businesses are impacted. WIZKIDS COMPUTERS along with the Barber shop and the corner store, along with the laundromat and stuff like that,” said Lewis.

Nearby, Ali Baba restaurant had their flames back up and going just in time for lunch crowds.

Fire Chief Eric McMahon says his crews remained on scene until National Grid fixed the leak.

“They clamp the gas off at which time we take up and we head off. It’s something, unfortunately, it happens more than we would like to admit,” said McMahon. 

15th Street was opened back up while leaving the portion of Hutton between 15th and 14th streets closed.

The chief says the fire department was on scene as a precaution.

Methane is a non-poisonous gas. It will displace the oxygen if you’re in an enclosed area, obviously they were outside. So, like I said the gas just harmlessly rises. It’s a non-toxic gas,” said Chief McMahon.

At this time, the fire chief says it still remains unclear who is responsible for the break.

National Grid spokesperson says crews will be on scene for several more hours replacing the broken pipe.