TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – There’s a new group of helpers on the block! Sidewalk Warriors of Troy is a grassroots group of volunteers who run a pop-up distribution site at the Roarke Center/St. Anthony’s parking lot at 107 4th Street in Troy each Thursday.

“Each Thursday, a group of dedicated volunteers gathers to distribute needed items to fill in gaps created by poverty and homelessness,” said Robin Ford, Troy coordinator. “We like to call it a ‘hand up,’ as opposed to a ‘handout’ because there’s no judgment here, but a chance for neighbors to share in a way that is direct and personal. Each week, it’s a challenge to decide who has the bigger smiles–the friends or the volunteers.”

On Thursday, May 6, almost 100 people were given hot meals, personal items, and staples such as bags of potatoes and apples and gallons of milk.

A highlight this month was a Mother’s Day gift table that supplied an array of quality items such as jewelry, wallets, purses, cosmetics, and greeting cards so that friends, as recipients are known to Sidewalk Warriors, could honor their moms and special women in their lives.

Bicycles were donated, either new or refurbished for the children whose parents could not afford to purchase them. Children were seen riding through the parking lot, proudly showing off their new bikes, according to the group.

They will be doing a drive for gently-used household items, like blenders and can openers, in the coming weeks. To support them or to attend one of their events, visit their Facebook for all of the details.