TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Restaurants have been hit incredibly hard by the ongoing pandemic, many of which have had to close their doors. Local businesses in the city of Troy are looking to lift one another up and get the community involved to help them stay afloat with a new program.

In an effort to keep the doors open, it’s called “Return to Sender.”

“Come in now, we need you now and you’re getting a prize every time,” said Tim Taney, owner of Slidin’ Dirty. “Come back in January or February to redeem that prize, because we will certainly need you then, too.”

The new program allows for each customer to receive a sealed envelope when they shop or dine at participating locations. Once you get it, Taney says you can’t open it until January or February when you return it back to the business you got it from.

“We know it’s tempting, you get this nice big red envelope you know there’s a prize in there. Do not open it – bring it back to us in January or February and we will open it for you,” Taney said.

On the inside includes a variety of golden ticket prizes and discounts, helping you shop local. This comes at a time where many of these small businesses and restaurants continue to struggle.

“We’re all kind of hanging on by a really frayed thread right now,” Taney said. “An opportunity like this for us and hold each other up is really important for us. The only thing that keeps us open is people continuing to support us.”

He says while the support thus far has been great, these next few months hold the unknown for them, and they all want to see each other stationed in town for years to come. “None of us want to see our friends go out of business so we decided that we wanted to see how we could work together to not only to come up with promotional ideas but the lift each other up because we are all going through a tough time,” said Taney.

The program is also available for takeout and is ongoing for the rest of 2020, here’s where you can go:

  • Slidin’ Dirty
  • Muddaddy Flats
  • Franklin Alley Social Club
  • The Ruck
  • Burrito Burrito
  • Rare Form
  • Brewery Shmaltz Brewing
  • Elixir 16