TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York State Police were searching a heavily wooded area off Springwood Manor near the South Troy Dodgers baseball fields in regards to the disappearance of 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker. Rainwalker was last seen at a Washington County home on November 1, 2007, almost 15 years ago.

According to Robert Appleton, New York State Police Captain of Bureau of Criminal Investigation for Troop G, they are pursuing new leads in the case. He said New York State Police are still getting and have been getting tips over the past few years.

“What I can say is we are actively working the case and any lead that we get will be taken seriously and we will investigate it to the best of our ability and bring whatever resources we feel are necessary,” Appleton said.

Rainwalker was last seen by his adoptive father Stephen Kerr, who told police he had run off from his family home on Hill Street in Greenwich. It’s been more than 10 years since New York State Police labeled this case as a likely homicide.

The Cambridge-Greenwich Police Department said Kerr remains a person of interest, but he and his wife Jocelyn McDonald deny he had any involvement in Rainwalker’s disappearance. This case has been in the national spotlight as well, being featured on the popular Crime Junkie podcast.

Former lead investigator on the case Tom Aiken said this is one of the more challenging cases State Police have tried to solve over the years.

“It got to the point where we were getting in leads not only all over the area and all over the state but different areas of the country,” Aiken said.

Aiken said he hopes Wednesday’s search brings answers.

“I hope and pray that they find and bring closure not only to Jaliek and his family that actually loved him, but also to hold the ones accountable who hurt him.”

Jaliek’s Grandmother, Barbara Reeley, keeps in touch with investigators for any updates in Jaliek’s disappearance. To this day, she says she is still hopeful Police will find out what happened to her Grandson. 

“Hopefully finding him will give some resolution,” Reeley said. At least we know where he is or was and maybe we can find out what happened to him and we can put him to rest.”

Appleton gave no details on what has been found, if anything, but said this is still an active investigation. If you have any information about the case, you can call State Police at 1-800-GIVE-TIP, or send an email to