NASSAU, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officer rescued a trapped fox in Nassau on April 5. The officer received reports from a homeowner claiming she heard an animal in distress.

The homeowner said the animal fell about five feet into an outdoor enclosure that surrounds their furnace exhaust pipe. When the officer arrived, the homeowner said that she saw an adult red fox pacing back in forth in her yard before she heard the noises.

The officer shined a light on the bottom of the enclosure and saw the kit (young fox) partially hidden underneath the furnace pipe. Using a cordless drill, the officer removed the plywood cover from the enclosure and tried to catch the kit with a catchpole.

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  • ECO-Crain-uses-catchpole-to-capture-fox
  • Fox runs off after rescue

The kit then crawled underneath the pipe and avoided capture. The officer then used a ladder to get into the pit to capture and release the kit. The officer then cut some wire fencing the homeowner had and secured it over the open area of the enclosure.