BUSKIRK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — NEWS10 is sharing some somber news on the passing of a memorable beef cow named Ollie. The blind and deaf cow was featured in a 2018 WTEN story about Ollie’s friendship with Sunny, a Jersey cow, who took on the role as Ollie’s “seeing eye cow”.

Whenever Ollie would get lost in the pasture, he would call out to Sunny, and she would come to him without fail. Sunny would also lead Ollie to and from the barn every day. The two were inseparable at HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary & Rescue Center in Buskirk, New York until Sunny’s sudden death three years ago.

Friday, Tracy Muscatello-Crowley and Michelle Crowley of HeartsHerd called to share the news that Ollie died peacefully at the farm. They believe the rescued blind and deaf cow was between 15-17 years old.

“He really did go peacefully,” Tracy said. “He was such a big part of our farm. The farm feels a bit too big tonight.” The couple said they are celebrating Ollie’s life. They say he was laid to rest next to his best friend Sunny.