TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- Many attempts to kick illegal dumping to the curb in Troy have been made over the past few years. Approval of a task force to tackle illegal dumping is the latest step to rid Collar City streets and alleyways of trash.

A Quality of Life Task Force was approved by the Troy City Council on Thursday evening. It will include at least four positions using existing staff and will also address other quality of life issues like ATVs and dirt bikes being ridden in the city.

The Task Force plans to address issues one or two blocks at a time and was passed 6-1. “These ‘so-called’ minor quality of life issues domino into bigger neighborhood issues destroying our community. Enough is enough,” said City Council President, Carmella Mantello.

At the beginning of 2020, the city purchased ten mobile surveillance cameras to catch people illegally dumping trash. The cameras send live videos or clips to the city when activity is detected. It also sends a text message to patrol officers through an app to alert them as well, the city told NEWS10 in February 2020.

The issue of garbage lining the alleyways of Troy has been a thorn in the side of the city. Troy Councilmember Jim Gulli, took NEWS10 through a littered alley in Lansingburgh in March 2018.

“As we try to conquer this problem, we have to have help on both ends. The community residents have to stand up and say okay how do we work together to minimize the aggravation,” he said. “The city has to do a better job at collecting the trash and by that I mean they do a great job they work hard, but with the few people they have.”

The Quality of Life Task Force was proposed last month. Ultimately, its goal is to “encourage landlords, residents, and businesses to take pride in their neighborhood and partner with the city to revitalize our neighborhoods,” according to the legislation. On Twitter, Mantello said the mayor now has 10 business days to act.

Read her full statement to NEWS10 below:

Many residents and landlords are working hard to keep their neighborhood safer and cleaner and bring pride back to their neighborhoods. However, that one illegal dumping, that illegal ATV rider wreaking havoc driving across neighbor’s lawns and city parks, that landlord not holding tenants accountable, and other illegal activities can crush a neighborhood. That is simply unacceptable.

Should the Mayor sign the Quality of Life (QOL) Task Force legislation, it is not about meetings or additional staffing, it’s about action. Instead of city departments responding to these violations individually, the proposed QOL Task Force is a concentrated, coordinated, pro-active, and more efficient use of staff, with a block by block approach utilizing Community Police, Litter Patrol, DPW, DPU, Legal and other necessary departments tackling and ridding these illegal activities that domino into serious and more violent crimes in our neighborhoods.

We will take back our neighborhoods block by block, and hopefully the, mayor signs this legislation and as the executive who oversees the day to day 24-7 operations of the city implements this task force immediately.

Carmella Mantello
President, Troy City Council