SCHODACK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A GoFundMe has been set up for an ALB1 Schodack Amazon union employee retaliation fund. This comes as Amazon has been accused of threatening, harassing, and firing employees in retaliation for their participation in union movements.

“We are encouraging employees to stand up against these bullying tactics by providing a workers fund and legal resources in the event they are retaliated against,” said Heather Goodall, the employee who began the union efforts at the Amazon location. “We deserve a campaign free from fear.”

The ALB1 Schodack Amazon warehouse began unionization efforts in June 2022 with the ALU. On August 17, employees filed a petition to the National Labor Relations Board to hold a union election. For the facility to qualify for an election, the NLRB requires at least 30% of eligible voters to sign on.

A spokesperson for the company told the Associated Press that around 1,000 people work at the Schodack warehouse. Organizers counter it’s in the 600s, and while they haven’t revealed the number of signatures they’ve gotten, they’re confident they’ve hit the threshold.

Goodall has also accused Amazon managers of verbally attacking organizers in the parking lot and workers receiving multiple text messages instructing employees not to sign a card. The GoFundMe page includes photos of the alleged incidents, as well as photos showing the alleged working conditions at the facility.

NEWS10 reached out to Amazon about the retaliation accusations but were not provided an updated statement. In July, a spokesperson provided the following statement, “As a company, we don’t think unions are the best answer for our employees. Our focus remains on working directly with our team to continue making Amazon a great place to work.”

The fund would donate two weeks of pay to an employee if they are retaliated against for participating in the ALB1 union campaign, said Goodall. If you would like to donate, you can visit the Amazon Schodack GoFundMe page.