RENSSELAER, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Students at Doane Stuart School are hatching a new idea to celebrate diversity in the classroom. They hope their creative “Operation Rainbow” craft project becomes a new tradition.

Each student filled a balloon with water then added food coloring, leaving the balloons—thunder chicken eggs—in the rooftop garden to freeze. When the “eggs” hatch after a day, each student will discover the beauty of each’s differences within, regardless of the exterior.

“We’re a family,” said Icesis Hinkson Serrano, student government president at the Doane Stuart School. A family that doesn’t look the same, we don’t talk the same, we don’t come from the same place or the same background, but we are a family, it’s just such a close-knit community.”

Stuart’s student government, the LGBTQ+ Committee, and the No Place for Hate student group all worked together under the guidance of teacher Alex Mabee to develop a way to teach differences among students by involving all grades in a fun activity.

No one knows whose egg is whose. They’re all unique, reflecting the experience of each kid unveiling the frozen patterns. Take a look at the photo gallery below: