EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Old Troy Road bridge in East Greenbush has been closed since July 14 after it was issued a “red flag.” According to East Greenbush Town Supervisor Jack Conway, the town previously applied for funding from the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) three times under the Bridge-NY program but was denied each time.

“The Old Troy Road Bridge is owned by the Town of East Greenbush and the town is responsible for its maintenance and repair,” said a DOT spokesperson when asked about the denied funding.

The town posted a notice on its website on July 14 announcing the closure of the bridge. After a recent inspection by DOT, the bridge was issued a red flag. A red flag indicates that the bridge has significant deterioration of its primary structural components.

Out of an abundance of caution, the town closed the bridge to vehicle traffic until further notice. Barriers were put in place on July 18. Pedestrians can still safely use the bridge, said Conway. The town has hired an engineering firm to design a solution to safely reopen the bridge.

“It is not a danger to the public and people can walk or ride a bike over it confident of its stability,” said Conway. “We’ll learn what we need to know from the engineers, talk to the residents, and develop and implement an action plan.”

DOT said East Greenbush was one of hundreds of applicants that applied for funding under the Bridge NY program. After a thorough scoring process, the town was not awarded funding for the Old Troy Road Bridge. DOT said East Greenbush did receive more than $1 million in Bridge NY funding in 2018 for culvert repairs.

Conway said residents have two different opinions on the bridge. Some want the bridge closed permanently, except for pedestrian and bike traffic. Others want the bridge to re-open.

“At some point, the Town Board will hold a Public Hearing on the issue because one thing we know for sure: the people in the neighborhood have very strong feelings about the issue. The phone calls and emails are pretty strident.  At the end of the day, the neighbors’ opinion will prevail,” said Conway.

Conway said the town hasn’t applied for funding to fix the bridge yet since they’re waiting for the next engineer’s report. He said the neighborhood is nearly cluttered with signs about the bridge.