TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The City of Troy is setting sights on revitalizing and enhancing its parks, including Kinlock Park, Beman Park, Canal Ave Park, Powers Park, 112th St. Park, and Prospect Park. $2 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds has been allocated for the improvements.

“Revitalizing our parks is not just about enhancing green spaces; it’s about investing in the heart of our community. As we take pride in our beautiful parks, we also nurture the well-being of our community,” said Troy Mayor Patrick Madden. “By investing in our parks, we invest in the quality of life for every resident, ensuring that our community remains vibrant and strong.”

Improvements include splash pads, improved playground equipment, proper water drainage, a fitness pad, community pool upgrades, pavilions, and picnic tables. Several developments have already taken place through the summer.

“ARPA funding has opened doors we never thought possible for our parks. It’s not just about upgrading swings and slides; it’s about renewing our commitment to community and pride in our green spaces,” said Troy Deputy Mayor Chris Nolin. “The impact of this magnitude wouldn’t have been attainable without ARPA funds. We’re ensuring that every family, every child, and every neighbor can enjoy and take pride in our parks.”