TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – At its meeting on June 30, the Board of Directors of Capital Roots voted to voluntarily recognize the union of Capital Roots’ staff with SEIU Local 200United, which will form the first collective bargaining unit in the organization’s history. In the coming weeks, Capital Roots’ management and SEIU Local 200United will begin negotiations to develop a union contract.

For over 47 years, Capital Roots has worked to reduce the impact of malnutrition on public health across the Capital Region by growing community gardens, providing access to fresh food and green spaces, offering nutritional and horticultural education for all ages, and coordinating urban greening programs. Under the leadership of its longstanding CEO, Amy Klein, Capital Roots has grown exponentially, promoting environmental wellness and health equity through its food access programs.

“Capital Roots is proud to provide vital services to our constituents, particularly during the difficulties of COVID-19,” said Amy Klein, Chief Executive Officer. “Our staff is critical to our ability to deliver these important programs and to helping us achieve our mission to provide communities with equitable access to fresh food. Along with the Board of Directors and Capital Roots’ management team, I look forward to working with our unionized staff as we continue to grow and operate as an essential resource for our communities.”