TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Capital Roots’ Squash Hunger Program, which bridges the gap in providing healthy produce to soup kitchens, shelters, and pantries, has delivered over one million pounds of food since its inception. Starting in 2004, Squash Hunger has involved thousands of community members in their effort to increase the presence and availability of fresh food for all.

The program counts on generous farmers, producers, and shoppers to donate fresh food and volunteers to deliver it. The food reaches emergency feeding centers across the Greater Capital Region, some of which feed more than 100 people three meals a day, every day.

Capital Roots’ CEO, Amy Klein, said, “Most of our programs focus on presenting our constituents better
access and more options for affordable, top-quality local food – Squash Hunger gets fresh food directly to
those in need and provides a healthy contrast to the shelf-stable items that are most often donated.
Families have relied on and cherished this program for nearly twenty years and the impact of one million
pounds of nourishing food on the long term health of our community is immeasurable.”