ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Amazon workers at the warehouse in Schodack voted against joining the Amazon Labor Union with a 2:1 ratio, 406 votes against to 206 votes in favor. “Today’s outcome wasn’t what we hoped for,” Organizer Heather Goodall said.

Votes were counted at the National Labor Relations Board in Albany by representatives of the board. Labor organizers said they were fighting for better negotiating power and treatment from Amazon after repeated claims of poor working conditions and pay. Goodall said alleged union busting deterred their efforts. “Amazon has neglected to share the fact that we are in a status quo, that we do have an opportunity for advanced benefits and higher wages,” Goodall said.

Amazon Labor Union President, Chris Smalls, issued this statement, “We’re also feeling both anger and disappointment that the voting process wasn’t free and fair. It was a sham election where workers were subjected to intimidation and retaliation on a daily basis and even the workers who volunteered to be election observers were faced with threats of termination.”

Amazon issued a statement in response to the vote, “We’re glad that our team in Albany was able to have their voices heard, and that they chose to keep the direct relationship with Amazon as we think that this is the best arrangement for both our employees and customers. We will continue to work directly with our teammates in Albany, as we do everywhere, to keep making Amazon better every day.” 

 With union efforts now defeated, Goodall said the fight is far from over. “It’s a great victory today and I’m very proud because 206 people stood up against this Trillion dollar company, this Billion dollar company and said I have a voice,” Goodall said.