TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Rensselaer County District Attorney Joel Abelove announced a settlement of the Attorney General’s lawsuit in the Edson Thevenin case.

As part of the agreement, the District Attorney’s Office will turn over its file to the Attorney General for its investigation.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has also withdrawn his lawsuit against District Attorney Abelove.

“I am glad that the Attorney General has agreed to withdraw his claims against my office. I will continue to perform my duties on behalf of the people of Rensselaer County,” DA Abelove said.

The New York Attorney General’s Office released this statement:

“We are pleased that DA Ableove acquiesced to each and every one of our legal demands, mooting the lawsuit we filed against him two weeks ago. As part of the agreement, DA Abelove relinquished any and all claims to jurisdiction in this case, and will turn over all files related to the Thevenin investigation to the Attorney General’s office. The agreement does not exonerate DA Abelove for any potential claims of misconduct. Our investigation into this case is ongoing.”

Pastor Tre Staton Empire Christian Center, who has been a spokesperson for the family, released this statement following the announcement:

“Although the result the family wanted was ultimately the outside investigation, it is unsettling that the Rensselaer County District Attorney will be off the hook for wrongdoing that we believe did occur. He participated in corruption and now he’s going to be serving the people again. That is a disservice to the people and unjust.”

The Attorney General filed the lawsuit last month. The lawsuit seeked to force the DA Abelove to turn over his investigation into the death of Edson Thevenin.

On Sunday, April 17, Thevenin was shot and killed by a Troy police officer following a traffic stop.