“Shine a light, shine the light on his life. Pretty much memorialize his life and remember him,” Lexis Figuereo of Saratoga BLM said.

Mourners gathering in High Rock Park with a quiet sense of community. Remembering the life of Darryl Mount and holding signs continuing their calls for justice.

“We’ll be here we’ll be making sure that people don’t forget Darryl Mount’s name ever,” says Figuereo

Nine years ago today, Darryl Mount suffered serious injuries during a police chase following an altercation with a woman. Mount eventually died from his injuries, but supporters are continuing their search for answers.

Mount, who was biracial, died in 2014 after a police chase in 2013. Police said mount succumbed to injuries suffered when he fell from scaffolding, but leaders of the city’s Black Lives Matter movement have called for an investigation into his death.

“The investigation is what failed,” says Public Safety Commissioner Jim Montagnino.

Montagnino says the former Chief of Police Greg Veitch never initiated an internal investigation into the alleged incident, saying public scrutiny grew.

“When the police chief was deposed under oath in connection to the civil lawsuit, he admitted that that wasn’t true,” said Montagnino.

Mayor Kim says he has taken the case to a higher office.  Saying District Attorney Karen Heggen in Saratoga refuses to open an investigation into the death of Mount. 

Heggen replied to Kim’s request saying she reviewed the facts of the case and found no probable cause that anyone, except for Mount, engaged in criminal activity that day.

“We’ve also asked the state attorney general’s office to consider an investigation we have not heard back,” says Mayor Ron Kim

A civil matter was scheduled for mid-November but, the commissioner says that has been delayed with no further date scheduled.

“We are definitely looking forward to trying to put pressure on him to get the D.A. of the A.G. to open up an investigation into what happened with this,” says Figuereo

We reached out to the D.A.’s office and the Attorney General’s office, we have yet to hear back.