ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — While the newly drawn congressional and senate maps are due today, they have yet to be finalized. If the maps are finalized both congressional and senate lines will change. For Senator Daphne Jordan, she says her district would change tremendously, but she’s excited to run for what would be the 44th Senate District. 

“I was elated when the new maps came out because it actually made sense. Redistricting is sort of a lot of work, but because there’s a lot of new territory to learn, but that’s what happens every ten years and you just have to accept it,” said Jordan.

As for the Congressional maps, Steven Romalewski, Director, CUNY Mapping Services, says there’s also a drastic change all across the board. Upstate NY lost a Congressional seat going from 27 to 26.  

According to Jenn Wilson, Deputy Director at the Board of Elections, once maps are completed, those who already qualify just have to file paperwork, and candidates who now decide to run can still get on the ballot. 

“They have the opportunity to do the traditional route of filing petition signatures collecting signatures from voters within the district within the party and they’ll have to file those between June 8th and June 10th. So it’s a pretty tight turn around,” said Wilson.

The tight turnaround is because state Senate and congressional primaries are scheduled for August 23rd. It was postponed after the state’s highest court declared the district lines submitted by the legislature were unconstitutional. 

As for the Assembly and state offices, their primary is still scheduled for June 28th. We’ll have the latest updates once these maps are confirmed.