LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A rare lobster found at a local grocery store is now finding a new home at Via Aquarium.

On Sunday morning, a shipment of 250 pounds of lobsters came into the Latham Market Bistro.

“I had to do a double take, and it definitely surprised me to see what a unique lobster that was,” Market Bistro Seafood Team Leader Kyle Logan said.

Logan said he opened up one of the boxes and found a rare orange lobster.

“I’ve never seen an orange lobster before, and he is a beauty,” he said.

The store donated the lobster to Via Aquarium in Rotterdam, which always looks to take in off colored animals.

William Matthews, Via Aquarium junior aquarist, was sent to Market Bistro on Wednesday to pick up the lobster. He said an orange lobster is hard to come by.

“I’ve only ever heard of blue lobsters, and those are a one in two million chance,” he said. “The fact that I’ve never even heard of an orange lobster is definitely something.”

“An orange lobster – to be off color – is about a one in two to three million chance,” Ray Owczarcak said.

Owczarcak is the curator of fishes at Via. It’s his job to make sure the lobster finds a happy new home.

“They go through our quarantine period, which means our lab biologist has to give it a really good look over once it’s acclimated and happy,” he said.

They’ll decide whether the lobster goes into a tank with other lobsters, including the aquarium’s large 70-year-old lobster, or have his own display.

“It’s exciting,” Owczarcak said. “It’s always exciting to get a new animal and exciting to get something that you won’t see somewhere else.”

Either way, it’s an upgrade from the Market Bistro.

“He had his own little tank of luxury, and it was fun, interactive,” Logan said.

Or even on someone’s dinner plate.

“He dodged the butter,” Matthews said. “He’s not on your plate. He’s instead in the tank.”

The 70-year-old lobster can be seen now at the aquarium, but the rare orange one won’t be ready for the public for at least six weeks.