WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The summer of 2021 was an unusual summer with very wet and hot weather, which made for poor growing conditions for farmers.

The high amount of rain washed out many crops like tomatoes, squash, and even peppers. But it wasn’t just the summer harvest that was affected.

“There is going to be a smaller harvest without a question, because a lot of the apples have actually fallen,” said Susan Kosinski, owner of Kosinski Farms in Westfield.

The amount of water that apples have retained this year has made them larger than normal, which weakened the plant. This is what made so many apples fall to the ground.

In July, there was a record breaking amount of rainfall, with Westover recording close to 13 inches of rain, which is almost 9 inches over the average amount of rain for July. In August, Westover recorded almost five inches of rain, which is almost an inch over the average for the month. So when combined together, there were over 17 inches of rain that fell across western Massachusetts.

This year’s wet summer had a big affect on certain apple kinds, but not others. Kosinski told 22News, “Honeycrisp is almost impossible to find this year, that one did not care for the weather at all.”

Kosinski mentioned that all the rain didn’t seem to have too much of an affect on Cortland and Macintosh apples.

Now, Kosinski Farm in Westfield does “pick your own apples” and has pre-picked apples and Susan said the best time to go apple picking is now through the third week in October.