ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The third candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor announced his campaign on Tuesday.

Senator John DeFrancisco, from Syracuse, announced his run for Governor on Tuesday and will join two other declared candidates for the Republican nomination. Joel Giambra, a lobbyist and former Erie County Executive, and Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb (R-Canandaigua).

“John’s a good guy. I like him. It would be great for all of us to present our messages and then see what the party decides. If John’s the nominee, I will absolutely support him,” Kolb said.

Senator DeFrancisco is a 71-year-old attorney who has served in the Senate since 1993. Assemblyman Kolb is a Rochester native and has served as the Assembly Minority Leader since 2009.

“I think it is up to our party who the better candidate is.”

Assemblyman Kolb says that for now all three candidates have agreed not to hold a primary and will let the GOP pick who will run against the Democratic nominee.

“If I’m not the nominee, I guarantee you I will not be doing a primary. People know how hard I work and that this is not a political ambition. This is something I really want to try and make a difference in to try and make this state better. So this is the case I’m trying to make that I’m the guy to do it.”

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, also a Republican, added in his thoughts on the emergence of another candidate.

“He is a very,very talented and smart person and he will, and I say this with a smile on my face, he will give the Governor the fits, which is okay.”