HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The village states on its website that it sought counsel and advice on an agreement regarding PFOA from attorneys involved in litigation in the Ohio Valley.

Mayor Borge says those attorneys were never given a copy of the agreement and those attorneys say they have never reviewed the agreement.

“I wanted to make clear that that was not me,” Robert Bilott Attorney, Environmental Litigation, said.

Bilott says he does not want Hoosick Falls Village residents to be mislead.

Bilott, who recently won a $671 million settlement for residents impacted by PFOA contamination in Ohio, says he is not the attorney mentioned in this memo on the village website regarding the proposed settlement between Saint Gobain and Honeywell.

The village says it conferred with attorneys with experience in environmental and land use laws and tort litigation, and “included attorneys involved in litigation related to remedial sites in the Ohio Valley…”

“I had been asked to take a look at it but I was in trial. I specifically said that I could not do it and was not in a position to take a look at it,” Bilott said.

Bilott says he’s puzzled as to who the attorneys the village claims it sought counsel from.

“I checked with my co-counsel who are involved in the litigation I’m involved in in West Virginia and Ohio. They had confirmed that they had not been contacted.”

Bilott says he’s still waiting to find out who the mentioned attorneys are and said he did not receive a response.

Mayor Borge said the following in an email:

“Our special counsel spoke with Mr. Bilott and Mr. Altman last year, before an agreement was in draft, regarding the advantages of such an agreement and potential pitfalls. We appreciated their time and incorporated much of their input and advice into the considerations and language which ultimately became the agreement. But as both Mr. Bilott and Mr. Altman have correctly pointed out, neither were provided a copy of the agreement, nor were asked to approve it.”

There is a meeting on this proposed agreement at the Armory Monday night at 6 p.m.