ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — From Wordle to Pac-Man, digital games are a source of entertainment for many. The industry is so popular that there is now a push to expand the digital gaming industry in New York, and state officials want to attract more creators.

“It used to be called video games, but now it’s much broader,” explained Sen. Jeremy Cooney. “Digital gaming is actually larger than Hollywood in some instances, so we need to create and be competitive when attracting these jobs.”

Both the Senate and Assembly’s one-house budgets included a $20 million dollar tax credit that would go towards attracting workforce talent in New York. “This is a tax credit that we have talked about for many, many years,” said Cooney. “But it recognizes that in cities outside of New York City—cities like Troy, here in the Capital Region, cities like Rochester with educational institutions like RIT and RPI. This is a whole new economic development strategy.”

Benjamin Chang, Director of Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute said award winning games have come from New York Studios. “What this tax credit it will do, is really act as a multiplier,” explained Chang. “It’s going to take that kind of innovation that these studios and designers and developers and schools have all put into creating games here and really take it to the next level.”