ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With Albany Medical Center locked down; hospital staff still needed to care for patients. Even with the word of a person with a gun, Albany Med staff focused on ensuring patients got the priority care they needed.

Matt Markham of Albany Medical Center said he was grateful for the support from the Albany Police Department. 

“We have been able to continue care for all the other patients we have in the hospital tonight,” he said.

This was Paula Ignacio’s first day as a nurse at the hospital and her first time in this type of situation.

“It was kind of scary. Because I haven’t heard a code silver before,” she said. “But we were all anxious… and we were all on our phones texting and calling our family. Because some of the girls in the unit were getting calls from their loved ones.”

But she says everyone stayed calm and professional, pro ding care for patients.  She was also grateful to be safe and happy to be going home.

“This is my first day, so it’s really scary… Otherwise, we didn’t hear anyone was harmed or anything,” she said.

The lockdown meant visitors were told to stay home. One visitor was waiting outside for hours to see her boyfriend, who was being treated inside, and said he was frightened.

“He’s never been in this type of situation like this,” she said. “Where they a ways see or hear police. So he called me and said he was scared for his life.”

Officials say the hospital is now clear, and the lockdown has been lifted. Outpatient care will also resume Tuesday morning.