ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A proposed law calling for alcohol to be served in movie theaters could have a positive impact on local alcohol manufacturers.

Harry Spector likes to go to the movies, and he’d love the chance to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while he’s there.

“It’s just another benefit, and you know, another reason to go out to the theater,” he said.

Current New York law states only movie theaters that offer restaurant-style food service with tables and wait staff can serve alcohol. A proposal by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his drafted budget would remove the restrictions and allow any movie theater that sells concessions, like popcorn and candy, to apply for an alcohol license.

“It would be joined with an incentive program to incentivize the movie theaters to see New York wine and beer,” the governor said.

During a press briefing on his proposed budget Tuesday, Cuomo talked about an incentive program and only referenced beer and wine. But wording in the proposal doesn’t mention the program or specify what types of alcoholic beverages could be sold.

Nine Pin Cider owner Alejandro del Peral hopes all varieties are included.

“It’s a new outlet for our ciders to be sold, and it’s a great one,” he said.

He said they’d also be able to attract new customers.

“It would probably reach new people that may not necessarily come to find our cider because they don’t go to bars, but they go see movies,” del Peral said.

Spector hopes to get the option soon.

“You can do that when you’re watching a movie on TV at home, so why not in the theater?” he said.

Currently, language in the proposal does not say whether or not you would be able to bring alcohol into the actual theater.

It still needs to be approved by lawmakers. The deadline for the budget is March 31.