ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- In a little over a month the Medicaid Redesign Team II (MRT II), formed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, has put together a plan that would drastically reduce the amount of Medicaid spending in the state. Thursday a plan was approved by the MRT II team and will be delivered to the governor in time to be included in the budget.

The MRT II was initiated on Feb. 14. Since then the group has come up with a set of proposals that, if approved by the governor, could impact the way long-term care, chronic conditions and pharmaceutical benefits are managed, along with the programs eligibility.

The MRT II process and the $2.5 billion MRT II target were established before the outbreak of the COVID-19 public health emergency which has created significant disruption to the health care system and the broader economy.

The proposals represent a balanced approach that put in place programmatic reforms that advance the core healthcare strategies, while restoring fiscal sustainability to the Medicaid program.

From the MRT II Executive Summary

In a teleconference call, multiple members of the MRT II said with state costs from the current COVID-19 health emergency estimated to be in the billions, their work was more paramount than ever.

A summary of the proposals as well as a breakdown of estimated cost savings is available on the MRT II website.