CAPITAL REGION, (News10)-News10 continues to receive a steady stream of complaints from
frustrated Ferrellgas customers who are running out of propane.

Vicki Moore of Galway is one of those people. Like m,ost propane customers she leases her tank. That means other companies won’t fill it up citing safety and liability issues.

The mother of a 10 month old baby says she called Ferrellgas on January 25th and a representative told her a delivery would be made by February 7th. That’s 3 days from now.

Rich Coon owner of First Fuel and Propane says it’s not supply chain issue. “It’s really simple. It’s capacity. If they have 5 trucks they probably should have 10 trucks,” said Coon.

Propane is transported by train or pipeline and delivery company’s purchase based on projected need.

Coon says he typically buys a bit more to play it safe.

Ferrellgas has long grappled with bankruptcy and transpiration issues.

His advice for consumers: do your homework. “You’ve got to get a company that has extra capacity. Usually those companies are the family run operations. Not the majors. The majors, they try to take care of their stockholders and the family run operations are generally more conscious of taking care of the consumer.”