NEW YORK (WWTI) — Price Chopper/ Market 32 has expanded its AdvantEdge Rewards Program beyond food and fuel.

The Northeastern supermarket chain announced on Tuesday that in addition to food and fuel, its AvantEdge Rewards will now allow customers to use earned rewards to support local schools, pay off student loans and donate to charitable causes.

In addition, members will also have the opportunity to purchase kitchen products and enter periodic sweepstakes.

According to Price Chopper/Market 32, the expansion was launched on a new platform, which will add a mobile-based personalized experience to the rewards. Customers will continue to earn a point for every dollar spent shopping in stores and online.

“Price Chopper Supermarkets/Market 32 is laser-focused on fulfilling the needs and desires of our customers at every point of engagement,” stated Price Chopper Supermarket/ Market 32 Group Vice President of Marketing Glen Bradley.

“We understand that all shoppers are different, so we created a variety of options to engage and reward more customers,” added Bradley. “And because we know our customers appreciate the convenience of accessing and redeeming points whenever and wherever they like, we made the experience fully mobile.”

The Price Chopper/ Market 32 AdvantEdge Rewards Program was first launched in 2006. The latest expansion was formed in partnership with TCC, a worldwide provider of rewards programs for supermarkets.