COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Towns and cities across the Capital Region are preparing for Wednesday’s expected storm.

The town of Colonie is already preparing for several inches of snow on Wednesday. An estimated 3 to 5 thousand tons of salt is expected to be used on the roads in Colonie, something that DPW Commissioner Jack Cunningham said is typical for a single snow storm. But something that’s different than years past—-scheduling snow plow crews during a pandemic.

“One of the things we did back in October, as well, is we went to a split day shift. So we got half my crew coming in at 6:30 to 3. The other half comes in from 7:30 to 4. So we keep those crews separate, just in case we have an outbreak of one crew—we got a second crew to come in and help out,” explained Cunningham.

There are also backup plans in place. If a coronavirus outbreak were to happen, the town of Colonie has agreements with contractors—as well as the village of Colonie and Menands—for back up drivers throughout the winter.

In Albany, contractors are also on hand to help with any possible staffing shortages.

“There are private contractors out there that will take certain sections of our city,” explained Frank Zeoli, Deputy Commissioner of Albany Department of General Services. “We will give them routes, you know. We have a total of eight routes, more than likely, that will be covered by our private contractors, and they will handle those areas so we can handle other areas.”

There are 21 snow plow routes in Albany, and major roads will be taken care of first.

Zeoli said it’s not just snow plow drivers who need to help clear the snow. “We ask people to—at the end of a snow storm—to shovel their sidewalks as they are supposed to, clear out the ADA ramps as they are supposed to. Do their part so we can do our part to get everything cleaned up as possible,” he said.