ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With the increase in protests around the capital district, especially on college campuses, we spoke with some students who say when it comes to freedom of speech, there’s a fine line between expressing yourself freely and expressing hate. And students like Hamza Noor say this has been the main conversation with peers this week.

“I think it’s important that we have this conversation. But it’s also important to protect the voices that are marginalized,” Noor said. “Because if we don’t, then there’s a chance for us to be kind of complacent with a lot of the injustices going on.”

Kyamesha Edwards is a freshman, and she believes that “it’s good because you get your word out, and it gets more things going.” But it’s also important not to spread any hate or violent messages.

Significantly, things have been heightened recently because of the situation unfolding in the Middle East. Causing other students like Chinemerel Ogbonna to presume that free speech should be regulated.

“We have the right to speech… But then, in my opinion, I feel like it should be regulated. Hate speech can trigger emotions. It can lead to so many things,” Ogbonna said.

Regarding cybersecurity, Reginald Harnish, CEO of OrbitalFire, said there is a big issue regarding regulating privacy and comments on social media- especially on college campuses.

“Today, the internet is an interesting place. It can be very powerful and rewarding. But it can also be very deceitful and dangerous,” Harnish said.

He also says it’s a lot easier for someone to post harmful comments online versus in person. And even though we may not always agree as a society, it’s crucial for free speech to be accompanied with mutual respect.

“If you wouldn’t do this or behave this way in person…then maybe you shouldn’t behave this way online,” he said. “Or if you wouldn’t say this to a human being to their face in person, then maybe you shouldn’t say it online.”